The best grain on mobile now available in polarr
Last updated on 2017/11/2

Overhauled Grain tool in Polarr

We’ve improved everything about how grain works in Polarr. The result? Polarr now produces the best, most-realistic looking grain on mobile. You need to try it out. Here's the info about what's different.

  • Previous grain looked a little too fake with repeating patterns. That’s all gone. Grain now looks incredibly realistic – like real film grain.
  • Traditionally, film grain doesn’t show up in the highlights. Our grain works the same in Polarr, it will mostly be seen everywhere in your photo except the highlights. But you can use the highlight slider to add grain into the highlights. The power is yours!
  • Adjust grain roughness in this update. Adding courser grain will emulate older film stocks and you'll notice your photo will slightly distort as you add it. It looks so real. You need to try it to see it.

Some more detail on our realistic grain and roughness.

Most grains from other apps apply the noise to the entire photo, which looks unrealistic. However, film grain doesn't behave like that in real life. Film grain only appears prominently in the shadows of a photo. The highlight control in this update provides the correct treatment to mute grains in the highlights of your photo.

Roughness provides the ability to simulate a lot coarser grain that's usually seen in often in older film. Increasing roughness not only adds a different grain but also distorts the image slightly to give it a more old-fashioned look that resembles old film stocks. We did say we have the best grain on mobile, right?

Try out the new Grain tool in Polarr and let us know what you think! You can find the Grain tool by going to the Effects panel. If you’re on a version of Polarr lower than 4.3.1. you’ll only see the option of adding grain and adjusting its size. Make sure to update if you want the power to add grain, put grain in the highlights, adjust the grain size, or adjust the grain roughness.

A few other things

  • iPhone X support! Is there an unboxing of a shiny new phone in your near future? Is that phone an iPhone X with nothing but glass up front? If so, you’re in luck. Polarr looks great on it and we’re excited to see the edits you all make with the photos captured on the iPhone X.
  • Fixed issues with Photos extension in iOS 11. We always want you to have a great experience using Polarr. We fix any bugs we can find. Polarr should work much better when using it as a Photos extension on iOS 11.

Ready to try out Polarr 4.3.1 on iOS? Download from the App Store.