Here's why the brush tool is better than ever
Last updated on 2018/7/31

Hit up the iOS App Store and you'll find version 5.1.x of Polarr Photo Editor now available. This update actually has some cool new features and we'd love to share them with you. One of the coolest changes in this update is the new edge-aware feature in the brush tool. Read on to learn more about it and see what else is new in the latest version of Polarr.

Here's the changelog from the iOS App Store:

  • 8 point perspective distortion tool with auto clipping, now pro members can use this new tool to create free distortion in their image.
  • Edge-aware brush for pro members, now brushing automatically turns on edge aware to help you make more precise brush adjustment.
  • Mesh preview for liquify tools, you can now preview the distortion mesh of the liquify tool.
  • Window snapshot for brush and liquify tools, you can now see where your finger is at with a small activity window.
  • Revamped filter creation dialog, it is now much easier to preview and configure your filters than previously.
  • New color themes and more flexibility to control color themes
  • Make face edits part of custom filters
  • Lots of bug fixes

Some of these are pretty self-explanatory, but let's expand on some of the changes.

8-point perspective distort

This is a new tool inside Polarr Photo Editor that is part of the overall distort tool. Entering this mode presents 8-points that you can then move around to manipulate the perspective of the image.

Edge-aware brush

The brush tool now has an edge-aware mode. This will help in making painting easier since the mask will try to only go inside the region you're painting. This results in overall more accurate brush masks. Try it out yourself!

Window snapshot

Using the brush tool or liquify tool will now show a window of the area you're working in. This window is zoomed in so that you can make more precise adjustments.

Face edits can now be included in custom filters

This feature has been requested by our filter community, so we added it. Now when creating a custom filter you can select whether or not you want to include edits made with the face tool in your filter.

New color themes

We added a preset color theme, called Terminal, and added more options for when you create your own custom theme. In the future, we'll be adding a few more preset themes. So keep an eye out for those.

Version 5.1.x is live in the iOS App Store right now and will be rolling out to other platforms soon!