Try this double exposure technique for unique edits
Last updated on 2018/7/19

Today's tutorial will have us creating a unique portrait that combines elements of a double exposure. This is a little challenging, but fun!


First, you need a portrait of someone standing in front of a white wall or background. This will make editing a lot easier. Once you have a photo like this, open this image in Polarr.

You'll go to the global adjustments panel and slide your way to the curve tool. Adjust the top and bottom points of the curve to match what we have. You'll also use the light tool to increase the exposure. It's going to create a drastic change in the image.

Remove the saturation from the image to get a black and white photo. This removes the purple tint we have in some areas of the image. You're going to export this image right now, just save it as a copy.

You'll now go back to the curves tool and grab the bottom point and bring it all the way to the top. This will make the entire image go white.

You're going to now use the overlay tool to add the image you saved earlier as a custom layer. Once you add it, change the blending mode to normal.

Then use the eraser to remove areas outside of the head. For example, erase the shoulders, back, and corners of the image. Confirm this layer when you're done.

You'll now add another custom overlay to your image. This time we're selecting an image of stars. We're going to make sure our blending mode is set to brighten - screen.

Finally, you can add your own logo to complete the image.

You can do the same steps above, but instead of a star image, add an image with a wall of text to get the following effect.

Here's a video tutorial for those of you who are more visual learners.