Minute edits - creating a moody city at night
Last updated on 2017/9/14

In just a minute, we'll take a normal photo of a cityscape at night and turn it into something dramatic and moody. You'll get a Gotham City vibe from this edit.

Below you'll find a video tutorial and then a step-by-step written guide. Enjoy!

Written tutorial

Our starting image of a city at night.

The first step is to open our image inside Polarr Photo Editor.

We're going to make a few global adjustments using the HSL tool. Remove saturation for every color except orange and yellow. This will make all the artificial lights in the image be the main color.

Here's what our image looks like after we remove the saturation for every color except orange and yellow.

We'll add a gradient mask and increase the contrast.

Our final edit is to add a radial mask and adjust it like so. Then increase the blur to make everything outside of it fuzzy and the center of our image sharp and in focus.

A few easy edits produce this dramatic city at night. Moody, huh?

The final image.