Minute edits - bringing back detail in dark images
Last updated on 2017/9/14

In just a minute, we'll show you a few quick easy edits to bring detail back to an image that is dark. This is great for when you take a photo in a low-light condition, but want to see as much of the image as possible.

Below you'll find a video tutorial and then a step-by-step written guide. Enjoy!

Written tutorial

Our starting image that we'll edit to bring out details that are lost in the stems and leaves.

The first step is to open the image in Polarr Photo Editor.

We'll make a global adjustment and increase the shadows value as high as it goes. This brings detail back to the section of the image that is too dark, like the stems.

Next, add a local adjustment by using the color mask. Place it over the stems of one of the roses.

Increase the range of the selection to cover basically everything except the flowers.

Now, increase the exposure value of this color mask to increase the brightness of the stems and leaves.

Increase the saturation value to bring a bit more green to them as well.

Add a second color mask and place it over the flowers. We're going to try and enhance the color already present in them.

Bring the exposure back to zero since it was already properly exposed.

Select the range of this color mask to cover as much as the flowers as possible.

Now adjust the tint value so that we add a bit of magenta back into the roses.

That's it! A few simple steps to bring back detail to an image that didn't have much.

Our final image.