How to selective color edit a photo
Last updated on 2018/1/10

In this tutorial, you're going to see how to make a single color pop and stand out in your photos. This selective color technique is a great way to learn more about the tools available in Polarr! The tools we're using in this tutorial include the HSL tool and Brush tool. Check out the video below or read on for step-by-step instructions.

Use the HSL tool to remove all the colors you don't want in your photo

The first step will get us 90% of the way to our finished photo. Selective color works by leaving one color (or a similar range of colors) intact and desaturating all other colors.

Use the brush tool to clean up

Sometimes, the color you want to be left in your photo might appear in random places, not on your main subject. You can use the brush tool to paint a mask on those areas and then desaturate it.

Just make sure to reset the exposure of the layer to 0 and to set the desaturation value to -100. This will ensure that the brush doesn't darken where you brush and instead only removes any color.

And that's it! Selective color edits are easy and quick with Polarr on mobile or desktop.

Try it out yourself. Head to Unsplash to grab the image we used in this tutorial.