How to ripen bananas in 30 seconds or less
Last updated on 2018/1/6

How many times have you been to the produce aisle in the grocery store and seen dozens and dozens of unripe bananas? It happens pretty often and it's a huge bummer if you want to eat these bananas right when you get home and not wait days for them to ripen. Well, you don't have to wait for them to ripen anymore. This one weird trick will help you make green bananas yellow in about 30 seconds or less. Here's how.

Take a photo of the bananas and open it in Polarr

Here's a photo we took recently at the grocery store. Notice how these bananas aren't 100% yellow? Not good or tasty.

Open the HSL tool

You'll find the HSL tool under the main adjustments panel. This is a magical tool that can help you change one color to another.

Select green and adjust the huge

That's really it. The HSL tool is an easy way to quickly take a color in your photo and adjust the hue to change it. Here, we'll select green and play around with the hue slider to add more yellow to the greens in the photo.

Your bananas have now been ripened in 30 seconds or less.

Humor aside, the HSL tool is a powerful way to color your photos. And as we know, knowing and understanding color theory is an important part of photography and the HSL tool is how you can manipulate those colors. Take it to the next level by saving adjustments with the HSL tool as a filter and using Polarr QR codes to share your work with others.