How to replace the sky in polarr 5
Last updated on 2018/5/24

With Polarr 5, we provide a pretty easy and convenient way to replace the sky in your photos. Today, we'll show you how you can use a few steps to do just that. Today's quick tutorial takes a look at the new Overlay tool in Polarr and using the color selection method to replace the sky.

Replacing the sky using the new overlay tool

Go to the overlay tool and select a sky

This technique is super easy. We only need a photo where we want to replace the sky. We'll then go into the overlay tool and to the sky panel. Pick a sky that you want to use. In this case, I'm selecting the night sky with stars. Why? Because it's about to make this photo look epic.

Select color picker and move to sky

Once you've applied the sky to your image, you'll want to tap or click the color picker tool. You'll then see a circle appear in the middle of your photo that you can move to the sky.

Play with the feathering

Adjust the feathering to control how much area is masked and replaced by the new sky.

Select circle icon to bound the color mask to this circle

Tapping the circle icon will allow you to build a boundary for your color mask. This helps give you even more control over where the sky appears in your image. You don't want it bleeding into your subject or foreground, so we've put the boundary to be only in the sky where we want the new night sky. You can adjust the feathering again if needed.

Crop as needed

We cropped the photo because it looked better in this specific case without the sides. This is like using salt when you're cooking, do it to your own personal tastes.

You've replaced the sky in just a few minutes

That's it. This technique works best with photos where you already have a sky in the background that's more or less the same color. Try it out with your own images!