How to make airy potraits
Last updated on 2018/9/13

In this tutorial, we take a portrait of a person and give it a light and airy aesthetic. The techniques here can be used to make quick edits across a variety of subjects. Let's get started.



Let's start by opening our image inside Polarr Photo Editor.

The first adjustment we'll make is with the curve tool. This can be found under the global adjustment icon. Select the white curve and pull it to the upper left corner to make the whole photo brighter.

The next adjustment is another global adjustment. We're going to change the contrast. This can be found within the light tool. Increase the contrast to make the picture more transparent.

It's now time for a local adjustment. Go to the local adjustment panel and let's make a new color mask.

Move the color selection circle to the sky. This will focus the color mask on most of the sky, but you'll notice there's a slight mask being applied to the white of the shirt in the image. That's ok! Remember that anything in red is where our mask will be.

With our color mask created, let's make some adjustments to it. The first thing we'll do is lower the exposure. This will show more details in the sky. Then let's lower the color temperature to add more blue to the mask (and therefore our sky). After that, lower the tint value to add green. This will make the sky look a bit more cyan than blue.

Let's go and add another color mask to this image. This time, focus the center point on the face of the person. Once you've added the mask, go ahead and increase the exposure. This will make the subjects face brighter, but not other areas of the photo.

Reduce the clarity so that it can be used to make the skin look smooth.

Let's now leave the local adjustment panel and make some additional global adjustments. Go to the HSL tool and select the color orange. Once selected, increase the luminance to add even more brightness to the face.

The face tool in Polarr shows additional tools by using AI to detect a face. Sometimes, it can't detect a face and you have to manually add a face to the image. We're going to do that now. Manually add a face with the face tool.

Once you've selected a face, you can improve a ton of skin characteristics. For this particular photo, we'll smooth the skin then increase the skin tone, skin shadows, and skin highlights.

That's it! Now try this with your own photos.