How to blur the background of a photo
Last updated on 2018/1/5

A blurred background is one of the best ways to create stunning portraits. Traditionally, blurred backgrounds are the result of shooting with DSLRs and using a wide aperture. Today, modern smartphones, like the iPhone X or Pixel 2, make it easy to create blurred backgrounds while taking a photo. But what if you don't have a DSLR, a brand new smartphone, or just forgot to shoot a blurred background? Just easily add it using Polarr Photo Editor.

This quick video tutorial will show you to blur the background just using a layer mask and the brush tool.

Don't have time to watch the video? Here are the general steps to take to create blurred backgrounds:

  • Go to the local adjustment panel
  • Add a layer mask using the brush tool
  • Return the exposure value to 0
  • Add blur

That's really it! The hardest part will be painting the layer mask around your subject. It can be difficult to paint the layer mask precisely and tastefully around the subject.

Take a portrait today and try it out for yourself!