How the overlay tool can create a dramatic sky
Last updated on 2018/7/6

You might normally think of using the gradient tool when it comes to switching up the sky in your photos. While the gradient tool is powerful and easy for making quick sky edits, in this tutorial we're trying something different. We're going to combine a gradient overlay and blending mode to make a unique twilight effect.

Before and after

Here's our original photo.

Here's the image we're going to try and create.


First, we're going to open the photo we want to edit in Polarr.

Then we're going to go to the overlay tool and create a new gradient color.

We'll change the direction of the gradient from left to right to top to bottom.

We want to select just the sky, so we'll use the color selector and move the icon to the sky.

A circle will appear in the middle of the image. As we move it to the sky you'll notice the red selection area changes. This is selecting areas of the same color as the sky. Notice all of the red in the image below, that's our selection for this overlay layer. And our layer adjustments will only affect this area.

Click the icon that looks like two squares on top of one another, this will allow us to select a different blending mode. We're going to select the lighten blending mode.

Then, let's use the HSL tool to adjust the colors a bit more. We'll select orange and yellow and reduce both of their hues to make them red. Then increase the saturation so that's it a more vivid color.

You can, of course, adjust the overall saturation to suit your own preferences.

Finally, we'll use the curve tool to improve the overall brightness of the original image. And we can even go into the global adjustment tool and increase the brightness using the exposure slider.

After all of these adjustments, here is the final image.