How a few easy edits can enhance already great photos
Last updated on 2018/7/19

Here's a quick tutorial where we take a photo of a neon sign and add a little extra to it with just a few quick adjustments inside Polarr.


Open the photo in Polarr.

Go to the crop tool and change the aspect ratio of the image to 1:1.

Next, we'll go into the color tool and lower the temperature value. This will add blue to the entire image. Creating the feeling of a cooler image.

Again, in the color tool, we'll adjust the tint values in the photo to add more magenta to the image.

Next, we'll go to the light tool and adjust the contrast of the image.

Our final adjustment will have us using the effects tool to add some color fringing to the image. This adds chromatic aberration to your photo and makes it look pretty trippy.

Play around with this fringing tool to change how the fringe moves around the image.

Here's a video tutorial for those of you who are more visual learners.