Usage data
Last updated on 2017/3/1

Your data and Polarr

Polarr doesn't collect your personal information unless "Send usage data to Polarr" in Settings is turned on.

What type of data does Polarr collect?

Polarr collects edit history information that can be used to restore your entire edit workflow, such as how you adjust exposure and how you crop an image for a specific photo. Polarr also collects image thumbnails to help analyze your editing history. However, all analyses are conducted by machines and no individual other than Polarr employees with privileged access will have access to collected data.

Why does Polarr collect data?

We use your data to help understand how you use our product, as well as improve existing features and develop new features. However, Polarr will invest the necessary resource and personnel to ensure no third party has access to your data and Polarr never sells your data to a third party.

How can I opt out?

You can turn off "Send usage data to Polarr" in Settings to stop sending data to Polarr.