Software license
Last updated on 2020/1/21

Software license

Last updated on 2017 Sept 13

Polarr uses a simple software license that you can understand.

All licenses sold by Polarr is granted per person headcount basis. Through Polarr Pro, each individual can have one license that works across multiple devices. This means you can not share your license with other people or organization without Polarr's approval, and doing so might result in Polarr blocking your account access.

If you do receive an email about your account being blocked, it is highly likely that you're attempting to share your license with too many people or installing on too many devices. The current amount of device of pro activation limit is five.

For educational institutions, Polarr does provide discounted or free bulk licenses. Please reach out to for educational discount inquiries.\

Polarr does not allow users to resell our licenses to other users, and Polarr does not provide support for illegal, cracked, or unlicensed software. If you have any questions regarding our software license, please reach out to

Does my purchase include future features?

Yes. In fact, Polarr introduces new features on monthly basis. In fact, that's where your money goes - to support our team to continuously improve the app. Polarr has a very small and slowly expanding team, which allows us to keep the price of the app low.

Will price increase in the future?

Yes. We plan to increase the price of one-time-purchase or consider a subscription as the app becomes more powerful, but it won't affect anyone who already purchased the app. We grandfather all existing users to new upgrades and new features, so you won't need to pay for updates.

I want to use Polarr both on my computer and phone, does my account works cross-device?

Yes. You pay once, and you can use your account to activate pro features in Polarr for other platforms up to five times.

Can I share my account with someone else?

No. Your Polarr account is per person only, and you can activate up to five of your personal devices. If you need to activate pro features for more than five devices, contact Polarr at