Polarr album plus
Last updated on 2020/1/21

Polarr Album Plus shows you only your best photos. It saves you a ton of time by keeping similar photos organized and only showing the best of the group. Album Plus automatically recognizes and categorizes people, objects, places, documents, and receipts so that you can easily find what you’re looking for and not see the things you don’t need. All of your photos are automatically enhanced with our Smart AI filters. The result is an album of all your photos organized beautifully and thoughtfully. It’s your own personal curator.

Main features of Album Plus:

  • Automatically enhances all of your photos with A.I.
  • Ranks similar photos based on aesthetics with A.I.
  • Discover people, objects, documents, and receipts with A.I.
  • Batch edit hundreds of photos at once

In terms of tech, Album+ is the:

  • First to leverage latest iOS11’s CoreML and A10/11 chip in iPhone.
  • First to use deep learning on the phone to classify, rate, and enhance user photos.
  • Offline computing to ensure no server communication to protect privacy.
  • Fastest rendering engine that can batch edit hundreds of photos at once


Album Plus for iPhone and iPad