Last updated on 2020/1/21

Polarr has two custom workspaces that you can select. These workspaces are 'Pro' and 'Express'. When you install or use Polarr for the first time, you're given the option to select one of these workspaces. You can also go to settings and change them whenever you want. Here's how the two differ.

Express mode

This is the newest workspace in Polarr. In this workspace, you can select which icons are front and center when you're using the app. It's probably the most customizable because you can hide icons you never use.

Express mode works best on smaller screens where real estate space is valuable.

Pro mode

This is the old default for most Polarr users. In this workspace, you see all of the icons for the tools at once.

Pro mode works best on phones with larger displays, tablets, or desktop devices.

How to change workspaces

It's super easy and takes a few clicks or taps. Just do the following: 1) Go to settings 2) Under Workspace select either Pro or Express.