Polarr pro
Last updated on 2020/1/21

Congratulations! 🎈🎆✨🎉🎊 You've unlocked all features and filters available to you if you've recently purchased Polarr Pro. Polarr Pro is the best way to experience Polarr Photo Editor and is issued under Polarr's Software License.

Polarr Pro features

Polarr is available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac, Windows 10, and even your web browser! Polarr Pro gives you access to everything in Polarr. Here's a sampling of the features available when you purchase Polarr Pro:

  • Sophisticated masking tools
  • Advanced skin retouching
  • Text tools
  • Premium filters
  • Any future features

You bought Polarr Pro from the polarr.co website:

If you paid Polarr Pro using Paypal or Credit Card, you will immediately receive two emails, one about your Polarr Pro account information, another one is an email verification request. You will see that your Polarr Pro account email is the same as your PayPal email or your Credit Card payment email.

First, open the email verification request to verify your email, this is very important.

Then, simply download Polarr from the list below, launch Polarr, go to Settings, click "Login", and log in with your Polarr Pro account email to activate all pro features and filters.

You bought Polarr Pro from an app store

Purchased Polarr Pro from a platform store like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store? Then you'll need to create a Polarr account.

First, go to settings inside the Polarr app. Inside settings, click or tap "Create Polarr account". You'll receive an email for account verification. Make sure to verify your account, that's an important step!

Once you've done that, you can go to other platforms and sign in with your Polarr account to activate all pro features and get all filters.

The video below is a walkthrough of the information above.

If you previously unlocked individual filter packs or partial features through in-app-purchases on iOS, Android or Windows:

Unfortunately, these purchases are not considered a full unlock and don't activate your account as Polarr Pro. These purchases are not transferable to your other devices.

If you still have questions, please reach out to support@polarr.co.