Landscape lock
Last updated on 2020/1/21

Mobile users are going to love our rotation lock feature. In settings, you can easily lock the rotation to either landscape or portrait. By default, auto is enabled. Auto will respect the orientation of your device and Polarr will rotate with it. But we include the ability to lock Polarr's orientation regardless of what your device does.

Say you have your device locked in a portrait mode. So that no matter what your device and its apps will stay upright. But you might want Polarr to always be in landscape mode, regardless of what your device is doing or the orientation it is in. To do that, just go to settings, scroll down to "Lock Rotation" and select landscape. You can also lock it in portrait or keep it in auto. The choice is yours!

Landscape mode

Landscape mode in Polarr is a great way to take advantage of photo editing in a layout that shows more of the UI and editing panels. You'll scroll less to access the features you want when you use Polarr in landscape mode.