Keyboard shortcuts
Last updated on 2020/1/21

Keyboard shortcuts make your life a little bit better by placing commonly accessed functions at the tips of your fingers. Here you'll find all the keyboard shortcuts Polarr has to help you work faster.

Opening, saving, and export settings

Open photos: Cmd+O on Mac, Ctrl+O on Windows

Save photo: Cmd+S on Mac, Ctrl+S on Windows

Format, Resize, Watermark: Cmd+Shift+S on Mac, Ctrl+Shift+S on Windows

Batch save: Cmd+B on Mac, Ctrl+B on Windows

Info, navigation, and working between images

Image info: Cmd+I on Mac, Ctrl+I on Windows

Next photo: K

Previous photo: J

Undo: Cmd+Z on Mac, Ctrl+Z on Windows

Redo: Cmd+Shift+Z on Mac, Ctrl+Shift+Z on Windows

Revert to original: Cmd+R on Mac, Ctrl+R on Windows

Show original: B

Copy edits: Cmd+C on Mac, Ctrl+C on Windows

Paste edits: Cmd+V on Mac, Ctrl+V on Windows


Rotate Counterclockwise: [

Rotate Clockwise: ]

Flip horizontally: ;

Flip vertically: '

Tools and panels

Crop: C

Adjustments: A

Local adjustments: L

Filters: F

Text tool: T

Retouch: S

Editing history: H

Opened photos: P

Guides: G