Import filters
Last updated on 2020/1/21

Users can easily create custom filters in Polarr and share them with other users. But how do you get those custom filters into your app? It's really easy thanks to QR codes.

Anytime you share a filter it creates a custom QR code. This QR code can then be read by Polarr in order to import the custom filter. The import will include all the steps needed for your to apply the filter to your own photos.

Importing custom filters

Go to the Filters panel and you'll see the option to "import filter". Select that and you'll be presented with two options:

  • "Scan filter" Use this to immediately scan a QR code for a custom filter
  • "Import from Photos" Use this to load an image from your camera roll that contains the QR code for a custom filter

That's it! Once you've either scanned or imported from photos you'll now see the custom filter show up in your filters panel. It'll be under the "Custom" section if you ever need to find it again.

Note: Mobile users will see the option to scan filters, but users on the desktop will only be able to import from a photo.