How to customize polarr
Last updated on 2017/5/28

Inside Polarr is the ability to make your editing workspace entirely your own. It's pretty easy, but you might miss it unless you play around with the app on a regular basis. This post is for those not aware of the ability to select a custom color theme or rearrange icons. Here's how you do it!

Custom color theme

By default, you'll notice that the majority of the app UI is dark. Most people prefer editing photos in a dark or light environment in order to focus on the photo itself. You can change the color of Polarr Photo Editor by going into settings and selecting a new theme. You'll notice four options: Dark theme, Dark theme+, Light theme and Custom color. Here's how it looks like on the iOS version of Polarr.

Theme controls inside settings for Polarr

Notice how easy that was? Again, all you need to do is go to settings -> theme and you'll be able to select which theme you want to use in Polarr.

Rearranging icons in the app

Another neat trick you might only discover by accident is the ability to rearrange the icons of the app. All you need do is long-press and icon and drag it to another spot on the app. This allows you to customize the layout of icons in a way that makes sense for your workflow. Check out the GIF below to see it in action.

Moving icons around inside Polarr

These are just two easy ways to make Polarr your own. Enjoy!