Free filters for all our users
Last updated on 2017/6/19

Polarr recently revamped the collection of filters available in Polarr. This revamp had us not only rename the filters but rework the actual edits made when applied. The result? Filters that look better than ever. To celebrate, we went ahead and made a bunch of filters free for our users. Now you have access to over 100 free, high-quality filters that make editing your photos a breeze.

Filters, or presets, are a great way to quickly edit your photos. A filter is really just a saved set of preset edits and adjustments. Which is why sometimes you hear people refer them to as presets, the terms are used interchangeably. Either way, you end up with a set of instructions to give your photos a certain aesthetic without needing to make a million individual tweaks to every single photo.

You can apply a filter, and if you're happy with the result, use the changes as-is and call it a day. Otherwise, it's great to apply a filter and use it as sort of starting point for your edits. Apply the filter and then go in yourself to the editing panels and make small tweaks to get the edited photo perfect.

Ok, back to the free filters. In the latest versions of Polarr, you'll see that the filter panel looks a bit different. When viewing all filter categories you'll notice a lot of them have an infinity symbol next to their name. All of those with an infinity symbol are free.

That means over one hundred filters are now free in Polarr Photo Editor. Enjoy!